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Welcome to WaveCraft, a vibrant and community-driven Minecraft server that's ready to make a splash in your gaming experience! Dive into a world where the community's voice is valued, and where every player suggestion helps shape the server's evolution.


Wavecraft was created in 2023 as the perfect server for a group of friends to play on. Any features or changes that are implemented are agreed upon by the staff team, and any suggestions that players make are taken seriously. Wavecraft strives to be a welcoming community that is accepting of all people!



If you find yourself needing support on the website, in game, or on our discord server, or if you have any questions regarding a purchase, you can open a support ticket in discord by clicking here.

All sales are final. At the discretion of the staff team, exchanges or refunds may be offered when opening a support ticket.

All packages available for purchase on the web store are subject to change at any time, and Wavecraft reserves the right to remove or update any packages at any time.



Ranks purchased through our online store are eligible for our 24 hour refund policy. If you change your mind and decide that you would not like the rank you purchased, you can open a support ticket in our discord support channel, and your purchase will be reversed. 

All other items purchased through our webstore are consumable, and are therefore ineligible for any form of refund.  


WaveCraft is a community-driven Minecraft server that stands out for its incorporation of custom items and perks within the vanilla Minecraft experience. It offers visually stunning custom models, quests, challenges, and exclusive rewards. Weekly and daily server events, including building competitions, fishing contests, and pinata parties, add excitement and rewards. With a welcoming and friendly community, WaveCraft provides a place where players can connect, explore, and create unforgettable adventures together.